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We are thrilled to be opening up our first location in this community.

It is our passion to be able to offer a positive, educational, and fun location for the children in our town to be engaged and experience new things. STEM Studio provides a high- quality learning experience based on STEM curriculum--Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, plus art and music. STEM Studio provides our community with a positive place for kids to spend time learning, collaborating and being challenged to think outside the box. Our instructors have backgrounds as educators, teachers, social workers and more, and provide unique perspectives that will resonate with children from all different walks of life. We hope to be an additional resource for all of the local schools, including Ramona Unified, private schools, preschools, and the home school community. Thank you for supporting a small, local business!

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Science: Includes biology, chemistry, life sciences, and learning about the world around us. At STEM studio, we use equipment such as microscopes, circuits, lab equipment and maps to examine how and why the world is filled with so many amazing scientific wonders.

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Technology: From computer coding and programming to robotics to design to using the latest programs and materials to create and build, we all know that technology is the wave of the future. Learning how to be a savvy user of technology, how it pairs with other aspects of STEM curriculum, and how to apply it to today's world are all part of learning with, and about, technology.

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Engineering: Can include civil engineering, mechanical & electrical engineering, electronics and robots. Engineering teaches us how things are built and how they move. Engineering is the creative application of science, mathematical methods, and empirical evidence to the innovation, design, construction, operation and maintenance of structures, machines, materials, devices, systems, processes, and organizations for the benefit of humankind.

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Math: Algebra, calculus, geometry, as well as simple addition and subtraction are all parts of our math world. Math spills over into other areas of learning, such as art, engineering, and technology. We can use math to help determine how to construct buildings,code on the computer, and determine the density of different objects. Math is a key component to all other aspects of STEM.

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Our teachers develop children's skills.

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