LEGO Club: (Ages 6-12) Children will have the opportunity to build various projects and designs with LEGO’s, including catapults, bridges, animals. Each 4-week program will have a theme, such as shark week, Star Wars, things that move, etc. This class provides basic engineering concepts, design, mathematical calculations, and free play and creative license for tiny builders.

STEM Girl Power: (Ages 6-12) This class is exclusively for girls! They will be able to collaborate, design, built, experiment and engineer. Each 4-week program will have a theme, such as: weather, plants and flowers, building with LEGO, animals, etc.

Birthday Parties at STEM Studio: (Ages 3+ older) Don’t want to have 12 kids making slime at your house? Have your next birthday party at STEM studio, instead! Bring up to 12 of your best friends, and do a science experiment together, have a LEGO building challenge, or utilize our free range playground. Cost includes a staff member onsite to facilitate activities, as well as party set up/decorations. Catering is available.

Free Range Playground: (Ages 3 and older) (parents must accompany their child) Remember when you played in the yard all day, without any “real” toys? This playground recreates that experience! Kids will have the opportunity to truly use their imaginations, and play with items like: boxes, buckets, egg cartons, tape, glue, pvc pipes, and other items that promote creative thinking and interesting play. Parents can participate and help build castles out of boxes, robots out of blocks, and animals out of straws.

STEM Babies and Toddlers: (ages 12 months to 4 years) (Parents must accompany their child) STEM lessons start early! Parents can bring their child to play with age-appropriate manipulatives, such as large LEGO’s, blocks, gadgets and more. Spend time with your child as he improves his fine motor skills, while learning the basics of movement, science and more. A great opportunity to meet other parents while your child plays and prepares for kindergarten. Refreshments available.

YOGA while the kids STEM: Want to get that yoga class in, but the kids keep interrupting? Bring them to STEM Studio, and do you work out onsite! We have partnered with local instructors to provide yoga classes while your kids experiment in our STEM studio!

(Ages 5-17) Need those science credits for your homeschooler? We have you covered! Curriculum designed by a teacher, and classes scheduled during regular school hours, exclusively for homeschoolers. Each 4-week session will cover various aspects of science, technology, engineering and math. Students will participate in hands-on learning, using various tools and materials to make learning fun and relevant. We accept payment directly from your homeschool provider.

Each camp will include music, arts and crafts, STEM activities, dance, reading, yoga, and more! Including: Star Wars and Minecraft, Shark Tank/Tinker Club, Operation Kindness, Camping and the great outdoors, Around the World, Space Camp, Nature and Animals.

More About Summer Camp

Summer Camp

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Cancellation Policy

Effective May 1, 2019:

Due to the cost of materials and personnel, if you are unable to attend a class that you have already paid for, a refund will not be issued. Instead, you may use the credit to attend a class in the same week as the one you originally signed up for. You must get management’s approval prior to the missed class. Classes must have availability in order to attend. Thank you for your understanding and for supporting a small, local business.


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