STEM Studio Olympiad

STEM Studio Olympiad

Saturday, May 4 9am-3pm
Main Stage in Ramona

Teams of 4 will compete against each to answer STEM-based trivia questions. Single elimination rounds will determine the ultimate winner—the team with the highest score will move on in each round. Teams will be given 30 seconds to collaborate before providing their final answer to questions presented by a moderator. Teams may also be asked to do a 3-minute STEM challenge as another way to earn points.

Component 1: STEM Trivia ($100 for team of 4)

Teams of 2-4 will be given a set of materials and instructions to design and engineer a project. Teams will have 50-minutes to create their project, and will be judged on its structural integrity, creativity, explanation of design and structure components, functionality, and engineering detail.

Component 2: STEM Building contest ($25 per team member, 2- 4 members per team)

Individuals will submit a fictional essay about a character who solved a problem using engineering, science, technology, or math. Essays will be judged on their technical detail, creativity, problem solving, and real-life applications. Characters cannot use magical or super powers, they must use STEM-based skills and resources. Essays may include up to 2 illustrations but are not required. Essay may be up to 800 words in length

Component 3: STEM Essay Contest ($25 per entry)

Entry fees include a weekly Olympiad prep class at STEM Studio during March and April. This class will be exclusively for those competing and will cover topics that may be included in the trivia and design components of the Olympiad. Attendance to this class is not required to compete but is highly recommended. Participants may also choose to sign up for additional STEM Studio classes in March and April, as many of the class themes and concepts will show up as topics and potential questions in Components 1, 2 and 3.

Save when you sign up for multiple components!
  • $15 off per team when you sign up for Components 1 AND 2
  • $5 off Component 3 if you are signed up for Components 1 or 2.

Entry fees are non-refundable. Alternate team members may be assigned with approval from STEM Studio management.

Age categories: 1-2nd grade 3-5 grade 6-8 grade 9-12 grade
First and Second place winners in each grade level will receive prizes. All Participants will receive a goodie bag, t-shirt and coupon to STEM Studio


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